Well Delivery Process

Six Stage Well Delivery Process

  • Basis of Design and
    Well Statement of Requirements (“BoD-WSoR”)
  • Basis of Design and Well Statement of Requirements (“BoD-WSoR”)

    • Subsurface uncertainties are closed out or the limits/variance are evaluated and concluded.
    • The basis of design for the well construction (drilling and completion) will be developed and agreed upon.
    • A well statement of requirements will then be prepared which mainly consists of all the requirements for drilling the well like
      • Rig and rig sizing
      • Long lead items, specifications and quantity
      • Services and scope etc
    • Level 2 cost estimate is prepared.
    • A risk register with mitigation is developed.
    • An execution strategy is agreed upon to meet the schedule.
    • A tender strategy for contracts and procurement is developed.
    • The basis of well design provides “WHY” a particular well is drilled the way it is designed. This is a tool for understanding, review and approvals. This is a document prepared with all aspects of design including risks, mitigation, time and costs.
    • The well programme is based “HOW” a particular well design will be implemented on the rig. This will have a step by step procedure to implement with all aspects of drilling included.
    • This stage also involves multi-disciplines like
      • Subsurface
      • Drilling, Testing and Completions
      • Reservoir Engineering
      • Corporate Management
      • HSE and Logistics